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We are proud to present you the fruit of our cooperation with an outstanding craftsman – Paweł Surdel. It is our first product of this type – a fully hand-forged TREKKING AXE.

NOTICE! Due to the great interest in this product, now the waiting time for this product may be longer than usual. It should not exceed 2 weeks at this moment.


This small TREKKING AXE has been hand forged from 1055 carbon steel. Its head is ground and glazed before hardening to give it its satin finish. After this process the layer of oxides is intentionally left on the head. The entire process takes place using only traditional methods in a very small forge in the southern part of Poland. The forging process strengthens the steel and improves its internal structure. The fact that the entire process is done entirely by hand ensures a unique character of each TREKKING AXE. Hand hammering is an extremely time-consuming process and requires a huge blacksmith’s involvement. However, it provides the greatest control over the end result.

The handle is made from hickory wood. It is one of the best types of wood for shafts, perfectly tolerating and absorbing the vibrations that occur during the use of the axe. It is fine-sanded and polished, then covered with many layers of natural linseed oil to ensure perfect impregnation against atmospheric conditions. This finish also allows the wood grain to show-up underlining the classic form and the timeless appearance of this TREKKING AXE.

The shape of our TREKKING AXE allows you to wear it on the belt (we recommend our AXE HOLDER for the TREKKING AXE – click) and the loop made out of leather thong on the handle makes it easier to hang it during storage.

Our axes are created in cooperation with a great blacksmith – Paweł Surdel, who according to our exacting specifications, forges them for us in very limited quantities, not exceeding 10 pieces per month.

Our TREKKING AXE is delivered with a protective holster on the head and like all of our products is hand stamped with a unique LESZNER serial number.

Weight 0.775 kg
Dimensions 39 x 13 x 3 cm

Orzesznik Amerykański (Hickory), 39cm, olej lniany

Waga głowicy


We place great emphasis on the quality of raw materials from which we manufacture our products. We do not use synthetic materials. This applies to the entire production process, from the manufacture of the product, through its finishing, maintenance, confectioning and packing to shipping. Our products are manufactured with a view to future generations. We believe that the combination of traditional handicraft methods, natural and the best quality raw materials with modern technologies allows our products to become an intergenerational, heritage good.

Below you can learn more about the range of raw materials we use and see how much effort we put into their selection and making sure that they meet our requirements.


The wooden elements of our products are made of precious hardwood species. The wood is carefully selected to ensure its appropriate texture. This is particularly important because it is finished only with burned natural linseed oil, which exposes its internal structure. Our axes and other tools receive handles from Hickory, bags – reinforcements from Common Oak. We do not use any synthetic surface treatment methods. We just like the view of natural wood in combination with brass and leather.


Forged parts of our products, such as axe heads are made of carbon steel (eg type 1055) which guarantees easy sharpening and a relatively easy maintenance of the cutting edge.